A commercial locksmith in Oklahoma City (OKC) specializes in providing lock and key services for businesses and commercial properties. They can help with a variety of services such as re-keying locks, installing new locks, repairing or replacing existing locks, and providing lockout assistance. They can also provide advice on commercial security and suggest ways to improve it. They can also help with master key system, High-security locks and access control systems. Commercial locksmiths in Oklahoma City are typically available 24/7 and can be called upon in case of an emergency lockout situation or security upgrade needs.

Got locked out of the office? Broke the key? Looking to replace your shop or factory locks? Need an extra spare key? We are at your Service!

For all the solutions of above Call Ace Locksmith in OKC for fast and reliable Commercial Locksmith services. We are 24/7 mobile locksmiths in OKC

Our Commercial locksmith services includes :-

  • Re-keying: This service involves changing the internal mechanism of a lock so that a new key can be used to open it. This is often done when an employee leaves a company or when a key is lost or stolen.
  • Lock installation: Commercial locksmiths can install new locks on doors, windows, and other areas of the commercial property. They can also advise on the best type of lock for a particular application.
  • Lock repair: If a lock is damaged or not functioning properly, a locksmith can repair or replace it.
  • Emergency lockout assistance: Commercial locksmiths can provide assistance in case of a lockout, whether it’s due to a lost or stolen key or a malfunctioning lock.
  • Key duplication: Locksmiths can duplicate keys for employees and management.
  • Master key system: A Master key system is a system that allows one key to operate multiple locks.
  • High-security locks: Commercial locksmiths can also provide and install high-security locks that offer added protection against break-ins and forced entry.
  • Access control systems: Commercial locksmiths can also provide and install access control systems, such as key cards, bio metric scanners, and digital locks, to control and monitor access to a building or certain areas within a building.
  • Safe and vault services: Commercial locksmiths can also provide services such as opening, repairing, and maintaining safes and vaults.